Rear Admiral Konstantinos Kolokouris ΗΝ

Hellenic Navy Inspector General

Rear Admiral Konstantinos Kolokouris was born at Piraeus on 1964. On Sep 1983 he attended the Hellenic Naval Academy and he graduated on June 1987.

During his sea operational career he served for more than 10 years on various Hellenic Navy Fleet Ships mainly as Chief Engineer (HNS SKORPIOS – HNS STARAKIS – HNS HYDRA).

He was selected and trained as a Naval Aviator and served on HN 353 M.P.SQUADRON as the Intermediate Level Maintenance Officer. He also served as the HN Representative to SIKORSKY Aircraft Premises, where he was trained as S-70B Flight Engineer and manage the Hellenic’s Navy S-70B procurement contract and the corresponded aircrafts’ acceptance on behalf of the Hellenic Navy.

He served on the Hellenic Navy Fleet Command (HNFC) and on the Hellenic Navy General Staff (HNGS), as Departments’ Head and Directorates’ Director (HNFC Assets Readiness Directorate, HNGS Aviation Programs Directorate, HNGS Maintenance Planning and Programming Directorate). He also served as the Commanding Officer of the Hellenic Naval Detachment to Hellenic Shipyards Premises and as the Hellenic Navy Fleet’s, “Chief Engineer In Command” and D’ Branch Director.

On March 2016 he was promoted to Commodore and he initially stationed as the Commandant of the Hellenic Navy Lighthouse Command and consequently as the Commanding officer of the Hellenic Naval Base Salamis followed by his assignation as the Hellenic’s Navy General Staff  “D’ Branch Director” on March 2019.

On March 2021, he was promoted to RADM and from then on he is serving as the “INSPECTOR GENERAL” of the Hellenic Navy.

RADM Konstantinos Kolokouris HN, has been graduated from all the Hellenic Navy career schools and he is a graduate of the Hellenic National Defense College. He is a Naval Aviator and a qualified  Aviation Maintenance Officer. He has been specialized on P-3B Airframes and Hydraulics and on S-70B aircrafts as Flight Engineer. He has been also certified as NDI inspector, as lead auditor for Health and Safety at Work Management Systems (OHSAS 18001:2007) and as lead auditor to Quality Management Systems (ISO 9001:2015).

He has been honored with all the military ensignia and the medals corresponded to his rank, actions and service positions.

He is married to Mrs DESPINA TSAMOURI and they have two sons.

He is fluently speaking and writing English.