Rear Admiral Loukas Tsarmaklis HN

Deputy Commander in Chief of Hellenic Fleet

Υποναύαρχος	Λουκάς Τσαρμακλής ΠΝ

Rear Admiral Loukas Tsarmaklis H.N. was born in Athens on October 4, 1966 and joined the Naval Academy in 1984, from which he graduated as Ensign in 1988.

He has served onboard ships of the Hellenic Fleet and in 353 Maritime Patrol Squadron, and was assigned as Commanding Officer of Gunboat ARMATOLOS and Frigate ADRIAS, as well as 2nd Frigate Squadron Commander, first Commandant of the Hellenic Naval Aviation Command and Cabinet Director of the Chief of the Hellenic National Defense General Staff (HNDGS).

He is a P-3B ORION Maritime Patrol Aircraft Tactical Coordinator (TACCO) and has served with the Operations Branch of the Hellenic Navy General Staff as Director of Coastal Defense (A1-IV) and Defense Planning Sections (A1-II), as well as CIS Director (A4) and Plans & Policy Director (A1).

He has also served in the Military Representation of Greece to the NATO Military Committee as Strategic Policy & Concepts Staff Officer, as well as Deputy Military Representative.

In 2022 he was promoted to Rear Admiral H.N. and in March 2023 he assumed the duties of Deputy Commander In Chief of the Hellenic Fleet (Deputy CINCHELFLEET).
He has attended the appropriate career schools of the Hellenic Navy and the Hellenic Armed Forces, and holds among others the degrees of Naval Flight Officer (NFO) and Aviation Safety Officer (ASO).

He holds all Medals, Decorations and Commemorations prescribed for his rank, including the Medals of NATO Peacekeeping Missions and NATO Operation Article 5.

He is married to Eleftheria Livanidou and they have a son.

He speaks English and Italian.