Rear Admiral Panagiotis Dimitroglou ΗΝ

Hellenic Navy Inspector General

Υποναύαρχος (Μ)

Rear Admiral (Eng) Panagiotis Dimitroglou HN has been appointed as the General Inspector of the Hellenic Navy on the 9th of March 2023. He was born on the 9th of October 1967. He joined the Hellenic Naval Academy on 9th of September 1985 and graduated in 1989 with the rank of Ensign (Eng) of the Hellenic Navy.

Among his sea duty assignments, he served  on HN Frigates as Main Propulsion Assistant (MPA) Engineer Officer and Chief Engineer Officer (CHENG).

Regarding his shore/staff assignments he was positioned as Staff officer of  Technical Directorate of Salamis Naval Base, as Head of Naval Architecture Department of  Elefsis Shipyard Navy Dispatch, as Head of D2-II department of  D’ Branch in  Hellenic Navy General Staff , as  Head of department and Director for new surface ships in Armaments Directorate of  Hellenic Navy General Staff, as Commanding Officer of  Elefsis Shipyard Navy Dispatch, as Director of Technical Directorate in  Salamis Naval Base and as Director of  D’ Branch  in Hellenic Naval Logistics Command (HNLC).

On 10th of March 2020, he was promoted to Commodore (Eng) and on the 26th of March of 2020 he assumed the duties of  Commanding Officer of Salamis Naval Base.

On the 18th of March 2022 he assumed duties as Deputy Director of Armament Directorate of Hellenic Navy General Staff.

On 1st of March of 2023 he was promoted to Rear Admiral (Eng).

Rear Admiral (Eng) Panagiotis Dimitroglou HN holds the following Qualifications/Degrees: Naval Engineering degree, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT, USA), (year of graduation 1998), MSc in Ocean System Management, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT, USA), (year of graduation 1998), Naval Staff Officer School (year of graduation 2000),  International Welding Engineer, SLV Duisburg Germany, (year of graduation 2005), Hellenic National Defense College (year of graduation 2015)

He speaks English.

He is father of a daughter.

He holds all Greek Armed Forces’ decorations and Medals up to his rank.