Navy Special Operations Supporting Base

It is a combination of a shark which implies the ability of forceful underwater operations, a British Admiralty anchor symbol of the Hellenic Navy and parachutist wings which also implies the ability to contact operations from the air in Aegean and Navy blue background.  On top there is the acronym B.Υ.Κ. (Underwater Demolitions Base)


Following the establishment of HELNAVSF Command in 2002, Navy Special Forces Supporting Base was also established under administrative control to HELNAVSFCOM Commanding Officer. Navy Special Forces Supporting Base is located on Skaramangas Naval Fort at Haidari Municipality western limits. 


Navy Special Forces Supporting Base mission is to provide logistic support and technical support to HELNAVSFCOM and its subordinate units and grounds in order to operate securely and unobstructed.  


Navy Special Forces Supporting Base has  a typical form of a Naval Unit :

  1. Commanding Officer
  2. Executive Officer
  3. Administrative department
  4. Means and Systems Technical Support department
  5. Operations Support department 
  6. Financial and Logistics department
  7. Medical department
  8. Staff Secretariat



Operational Means

Navy Special Forces Supporting Base maintains a number of boats and vehicles in order to support the operational training and the operations of HELNAVSFCOM.

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