Naval Base Kanellopoulos

The crest of NB KANELLOPOULOS depicts the insignia of the oldest specialties awarded to technician petty officers of the Navy. Incised in the center of the shield and in a symmetrical radial arrangement are depicted the insignia of the BOATSWAIN  (anchor), the Electricians (lightning bolt), the Engineers (propeller) and the Armament technicians (torpedo). The background of the coat of arms is white and the name NB KANELLOPOULOS is written in the upper part of it.

The aforementioned specialization arrangement refers directly to the initial and basic mission of KANELLOPOULOS Naval Base as a Training Center for the low-ranking NCOs of the Navy.


After the liberation of Greece in 1945, the Navy along with the organization of other services, proceeded to organize the training of junior personnel, deciding that its main schools should be located in the area of ​​Skaramangas, where the Artillery School was located before the war. Thus, in 1948, by decision of the Ministry of the Navy and the Headquarters of Naval Education, the KANELLOPOULOS Training Center was established at the same time as the PALASKAS Training Center and the POROS Training Center, with operating Schools of Navigation/Direction (N/C)-Artillery (P/B) – Radio locators (R/E) and Musicians (MOUS).

KANELLOPOULOS NB was named in honor of Vice-Captain Ilias Kanellopoulos HN

At 1999, it was decided to combine the Training Centers which were located at that time at Skaramagkas Area and Salamis Naval Base Area, under a new named as PALASKAS Training Center.

On June 19, 2008, with the decision of the Supreme Naval Council and in the context of improving the training provided, it was decided to separate the responsibilities of KANELLOPOULOS Naval Base with a separate administration and tasked with the military control of the area of ​​the SKARAMAGA Naval Fort, while PALASKAS Training Center sume operating as the primary Training Center of the Navy.

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The mission of KANELLOPOULOS N. B. is to take care of the reception, classification and pre-training of the newly enlisted CPOs and conscripts, the classification and promotion of enlisted reserve NCOs and Marines, as well as the provision of military facilities in matters of guarding / security, financial care, supply, preventive and remedial maintenance of equipment, fire safety, sanitary, etc.. The overall aim is contributing to the fulfillment of the Training Naval Command mission.

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The headquarters of the Kanellopoulos Naval base is located within the Skaramanga naval fortress in the Haidari region of Attica and is a subordinate Command to the Naval Training Administration. The staff of the Kanellopoulos Naval Base is the assistance body through which the Naval Base Commander carries out his duties.

The general administrative structure of N. B. KANELLOPOULOS has the following structure:

  • Commander.
  • Deputy Commander.
  • Directorate of Classification – Pre-education
  • Directorate of Administration – Security
  • Directorate of  Security
  • Technical Support Directorate
  • Directorate of Financial Care and Supply
  • Independent Departments – Offices