Salamis Naval Base

The crest depicts an Athenian trireme on the top left section of it and a cluster of a propeller, an anchor and a missile on the lower right section.

The trireme is historically linked with the Battle of Salamis, not only because the Greek fleet consisted of ships of the specific type, but also because it took place in the sea region close to the Naval Base.

The propeller the anchor and the missile denote the contribution of the Naval Base to the seaworthiness and combat effectiveness of the Hellenic War Ships.  


The Salamis Naval Base lies within the administrative boundaries of the eponymous Municipality. Its intensive construction commenced in 1881 at the location “Arapi”.

The slipway, the workers’ quarters as well as a 150-meter-long jetty were constructed first while the initial budget amounted to 465,302 drachmas. Subsequently, additional infrastructure was completed, such as the boatyard, the ammunition storage and maintenance facility, housing quarters as well as the living quarters and the office of the Director of the Naval Base, which is still kept in excellent condition.

Later, the first floating dock which cost 1,435,000 French francs was constructed by the French company FORGES ET CHANTIAS, and was transferred from Toulon to Salamina under the supervision of Captain Miltiadis Kanaris HN. Simultaneously, the first crane which could lift up to 50 tonnes was installed. It was designed by the Chief Naval Architect Angelos Anastasiou and significantly boosted the capabilities of the Naval Base.

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The mission of the Salamis Naval Base is to support, starting from peacetime, the Warships and the Naval Services with regard to matters of docking, replenishment, maintenance, repairs, constructions and everything else relating to Logistics.

Furthermore, the Naval Base is responsible for the organization, command, security, training, maintenance and readiness of its Naval Services, which comprise the auxiliary ships and Logistics vessels under its command, so that the plans and orders of the Hellenic Navy General Staff and the Hellenic Navy Logistics Command can be implemented in peacetime, in a crisis and in wartime.


The Salamis Naval Base is a Naval Complex under the command of Hellenic Navy Logistics Command. For the execution of its mission, it is structured into Directorates and services as shown in the chart below:

In brief, the Commander of the Naval Base is responsible for:

  • The security of the facilities, the safety of the personnel as well as the defence of the Naval Base.
  • The provision of the necessary requirements and facilities when ships are in dock.
  • The execution of repair, maintenance and conversion works of vessels, engines, equipment and weapon systems of warships as well as the supervision and delivery of works by private providers.
  • The readiness of the warships, vessels and facilities which are under their command.
  • The provision of Logistics and healthcare support to the personnel of the Naval Base and the crew of the warships which are being repaired as well as to inter-allied naval forces in accordance with the bilateral agreements which are in effect.
  • The management of emergencies and natural disasters with the contribution of personnel and the available logistic means in accordance with the plans and orders which are in effect.
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