Navy Logistic Support Command


The crest of Navy Logistic Support Command (NLSC) depicts the anchor, bee and oak leaves which symbolizes the spirit of logistic support. Each pattern has its own meaning. Anchor represents Navy, while bee represents the major assignment and the hard work of logistic personnel, as well as oak leafs the sustainability and the effectiveness in support the Fleet and Naval Services.


The NLSC, was founded in 1968 according to the decision of the Supreme Naval Council from 4-7-68 and established in Souda Naval Base premises.

The Headquarters of Naval Logistic Support Command and also the Headquarters of the Hellenic Fleet  Command installed in Souda Naval Base, the Headquarters of Naval Forces installed in Salamis Naval Base and the Headquarters of Navy Personnel Command installed in Scaramanga, constituted the four subordinate commands under the Hellenic Navy General Staff.

The turbulent political period did not allow the implementation of this decision. Thus the Administration with its current name remained in Chania with headquarters in Mournies, the first commander was Rear Admiral I. Athanasiou RN.

In November the 24th of 1975, the Supreme Naval Council decided to install the NLSC headquarters from Crete to Athens to the old building of the Ministry of the Maritime Affairs in Klafthmonos Square. The first commander was Rear Admiral D. Manousakis HN.


The mission of naval logistics is to provide and sustain fleet operational readiness by getting the right support to the right place at the right time. The Logistic Support Command is tasked with provision of optimum logistical support for the ships and the naval services. The Naval Bases of Salamis and Crete and the Naval Supply Centre belong to the organization of Logistic Support subordinate to this command.