Training Center Poros

It consists of an anchor, weapon and bayonet complex. It symbolizes the naval and military character of the training that the Center provides to newly enlisted personnel.


   In 1827 was founded in the town of Poros the first dockyard of free Greece and in 1831 officially announced his new position the CM POROS. The Naval Service of Naval Base remained with this name until 1833, when established by Otto the Directorate for Seafarers with dual status Admiralty and Naval Yard. In 1843 the Directorate for the Navy called Naval Directorate of subordination services the Arsenal, the Artisans Battalion, the Naval Hospital and the Naval Court of Poros. After transfer of the Naval Base at Salamis, 1878, the base of Poros used as sailors training center and therefore also renamed “Central Progymnastirio”. Then and until the beginning of World War II settled in “Central Progymnastirio” the Schools Complex PN together with the Higher Schools of Management (SCM), and the Educational Headquarters Squadron. After liberation worked again as Propaidefseos Center and Training Specialities nausea and Cadets until 1952. From 1952 to 1991 was used as a Navy NCO School With various names: “School of Cadets”, “SDYN” and “SMYN”. Since 1992 works as a training center called “CC RESOURCE”. In 2011 they began to set up and available for the first time five (5) houses for vacations Officer-NCO. From April 2013 are now available in a total of fifteen (15) Houses and serving resort needs to Warrant Officers-commissioned officers of the Navy.


   The mission of POROS Training Center is to provide theoretical and practical training of the junior volunteer military personnel, as well as the service personnel and reservists of the Hellenic Navy, to provide holiday facilities to the beneficiaries and their family members and to maintain readiness to provide Logistics support to the activities of the Hellenic Navy.


It is a two-story stone building that was erected in 1846 and was intended as the summer palace of King Otto. Today it is used for housing the services of Poros Education Center, for Officers’ apartments as well as for guesthouses for vacationers.

Α total of approximately 1013 individuals can be accommodated in case of Navy support for activities.

It is used for feeding permanent crew sailors. It has a capacity of 320 people. The room is suitable for presentations, lectures etc.

It provides health care to vacationers, the permanent staff of the center, the newly recruited staff, as well as first aid in emergencies of citizens, patients, residents of the area of Poros.
There is an X-ray laboratory with a radiologist, which serves both the Center’s needs and the emergency needs of the citizens of Poros.

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Accomodation / Guesthouses

At the Poros Education Center, fifteen (15) guesthouses are available for vacation, with a maximum stay of one (1) week.

Eligible for vacation are the permanent active Warrant Officers and Permanent Petty Officers of the Hellenic Navy, who are selected upon their request by the Hellenic Navy General Staff. There is also a double guest room for retired Officers and Petty Officers of Hellenic Navy.

The daily cost of accommodation in the available guesthouses is determined by the Hellenic Navy General Staff depending on the capacity of the apartment for weekdays or for the use of the whole period, while it is adjusted for individual stay on weekends.

The financial settlement is carried out upon the arrival of the vacationers at the Guesthouse Office of Poros Education Center , while in case of interruption of the holiday, for any reason, the rent is not refundable.

Please note that departure on the last day of stay must be no later than 10:00 in order to prepare the Guest House for hosting the next vacationer from 14:00 of the same day.

For the convenience of vacationers in each Guesthouse there is a small domestic refrigerator, air conditioning unit and TV. In addition, vacationers can make use of Poros Training Center Beach, with its existing equipment, which is located in the Southeastern part of the field.

For the proper functioning of the Center, the residents of the Guesthouses / vacationers are obliged to obey – comply with some rules.