Souda Naval Base

The emblem of Souda Naval Base, contains the blue and white, which are the colors of the Greek flag. Also depicted are an anchor, a rocket and a propeller, which symbolize shipbuilding and repair abilities of the Souda Naval Base, as well as the administrative support capabilities of the Warships docked there.

Finally, the emblem depicts a double hatchet flanked by the red “double sacred horns of a minotaur”, two symbols which are characteristic of the Minoan culture and reveal the location of Souda Naval Base.


The HN created facilities in the area in the 1920s for supporting communications and defense of the Souda bay.

After the end of WWII and until 1960, the Headquarters of the Cretan and Ionian Seas was organized and operated with a large part of the fleet berthed in Souda Bay, while then and until 1976 the Naval Administration was based.It started operating as a Naval station in 1952 and upgraded into a Naval Base in 1959.Since 1992, it has been operating in its current form.


Administration Directorate (2000)

General Responsibilities

The Director of the Administration Directorate (D/AD), in addition to the common responsibilities of the Directors of Directorates, defined in article 10 of the Organization and Operation Regulation (OAR/SNB) and the Ordinances of Hellenic Navy, has jurisdiction in the following matters:

  1. It is responsible for the provision of Administrative Care support to both Warships that dock or are being repaired at the Crete Naval Station, as well as ensuring the efficient operation of the naval station, providing the following facilities:
    1. Docking of Warships.
    2. Meeting rolling stock needs.
    3. Housing and feeding personnel of warships under repair.
    4. Assistance in dealing with fires and leaks.
    5. Supply of seawater for use in fire-sanitary networks.
    6. Removal of waste and debris.
  2. He provides accommodation to the staff of the Naval Base and related Naval Services near area.
  3. He is responsible for the coordination of matters of an administrative nature, care and entertainment of military personnel, security, intelligence, defense, vehicle movement as well as communications related to the Naval Base.
  4. Takes care of the Policing and perimeter guarding of the facilities of the southern sector of the Base, except for the areas of responsibility of the Measurement Control Directorate, the Fuel Directorate (National Facilities Department) and the Navy Supply Center / Supply Directorate of Crete (external warehouses).
  5. Takes care of the preparation of the organization spaces and the proper conduct of the holidays, ceremonies, inspections and other similar events at the Base, in cooperation with the Commander’s Office.
  6. He is responsible for the organization and coordination of the Chemical Biological Radiological Warfare (CBM) defense and fire safety of Naval Base, both at the level of prevention and response to any incidents. In this context, it coordinates the monitoring of Defense CBRN materials as a whole for all the Directorates of the Base and the submission of consolidated reports.
  7. Coordinates the assistance provided by the Navy in personnel and logistical means to deal with emergencies and natural disasters of the country, according to the plans and orders in force.
  8. He is responsible for matters of an administrative nature, exercising the administrative supervision of senior and junior military personnel, as well as civil servants, who serves or pass through the Directorate.
  9. Coordinates the handling of the issues of an administrative nature and care and training, concerning the military personnel of the Navy, in cooperation with the other Directorates of the Navy.
  10. It is competently recommended on issues of order and determining responsibility for common areas of the Naval Base.
  11. Monitors the repairs and maintenance of the building facilities, projectors, wharves, road construction and the general infrastructure of the Navy, in collaboration with the Directorate of Naval Projects.
  12. Maintains and repairs the available rolling stock.
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To support in peacetime the Warships in terms of berthing, supply, maintenance, repairs, construction and general Administrative Care facilities. Provides administrative support for the organization, administration, security, training, maintenance and readiness of Naval Directories, of which it also consists of Auxiliary Vessels, and administrative watercrafts that fall under it, in order to follow in line with the orders and directions of HNGS in peace, crisis and war.

The SNB Infrastructure, divided into Port Facilities, Technical Support, Fuel Tanks, Ammunition Storage, Settlement/Clubs and FORACS capabilities.

The facilities of the Souda Naval Base are located entirely within the Naval Fort of Souda.

Total area of ​​approximately 40 sq. Km. with a perimeter of the order of 30 km.