A complex of anchor and fins floating above the surface of the sea. The representation symbolizes a Naval Flying Asset in its operational area.


HNAC was founded on 23 January 2018, 105 years after the first in the world naval air cooperation mission, which was carried out by Ensign Aristides Moraitinis, as an observer. The flight took place on 5 February 1913 over the Dardanelles, over Nagara, in the southern vicinity of Propontis. The air asset used was a French Maurice Farman MF.7. This flight was a milestone in the history of maritime operations.

Hellenic Navy Air Force was established in 1914, upon the foundation of the Air Corps under the name “Royal Navy Air Corps” and ended its first cycle of operational existence in 1930.The reason was the establishment of the Ministry of Aviation, which integrated the Army and Navy Air Forces into one Command. Shortly before the establishment of the Ministry, at the end of 1929, the Naval Air Force was operating 45 aircraft divided into 3 Squadrons (Royal Aircraft Factory B.E.2e, Sopwith 1½ Strutter 9400 Fighter and Airco de Havilland D.H. 9).

In August 1969, the 353 Navy Cooperation Squadron was established at the Elefsina Air Base. Squadron was subordinated to the Air Force administratively, but under the operational control of the Navy, adding to its force 12 HU16B Albatross aircraft, with anti-Surface and anti-Submarine capabilities. These aircrafts were previously operated by Norway.

In 1975, the Navy acquired 4 AL-III helicopters from the French company Aerospatiale, establishing the Navy Helicopter Squadron based at Elliniko Airport.

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The mission of HNAC is to operate within the limits of the orders and directions of the Hellenic Navy General Staff and the Fleet HQ (FHQ), with mission to organize, command, train, maintain and repair flying assets in order to achieve the proper readiness and preparation for war of its Subordinate Services.To ensure Command’s assignments, the air assets are undertaking tasks during peace and war, which are derived from the mission of the Navy and from the current operation planning.

    In addition, HNAC in peacetime is involved:

  • In Civil Planning for Emergency Response for the benefit of the society, performing missions of:

                        (1)       Search and Rescue (SAR), in cooperation with the Search and Rescue Coordination Centre.

                        (2)       Fire surveillance by assisting the mission of the Fire Brigade.

                        (3)       Delivery of materials, food, etc. in cases of natural and other types of disasters, where required.

  • Multinational operations and humanitarian aid missions under UN resolutions to contribute to the maintenance of international peace and security.


Under the command of HNAC are operating 3 Squadrons, the Hellenic Navy Aircraft Squadron, the 1st Navy Helicopter Squadron and the 2nd Navy Helicopter Squadron. Apart the squadrons, other subordinate Services are the Naval Helicopter Base, the Naval Aviation School and the Amfiali Helicopter Station. The facilities of the Navy Aircraft Squadron are located at the AB Elefsina, while all other subordinate Services are based at the Kotroni Airport in the Marathon area, except for the Amfiali Helicopter Station.

Subordinate Services

Hellenic Navy Helicopter Squadron 1
Hellenic Navy Helicopter Squadron 2
Hellenic Navy Aircraft Squadron
Hellenic Navy Helicopter Base
Naval Aviation School
Amfiali Heliport

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