The emblem of the 2nd Helicopter Squadron includesahawk, a brave and proud bird with characteristics of impetuosity and excellent vision. The Hawk is depicted facing east in a night environment, symbolizing the ability of the S-70 helicopter to operate at night. The excellent ability to see is symbolized by the reflection at the point of the eye with the shape of a cross. The three stars represent the three types of weapons carried by S70. The four white folds, form nine stripes corresponding to the nine stripes of the Greek flag. The emblem includes the oblique face of a PENGUIN guided missile and is completed with a band indicating the name of the squadron.


The mission of 2nd Helicopter Squadron is to operate within the limits of the orders and directions of the FHQ and HNAC, for the organization, command, training, maintenance and repair of material and generally for the readiness and preparation for war of its Flying Assets.

The Squadron was established in 1997 operating with Sikorsky Aegean Hawk S-70 aircraft. This type of helicopter is the Greek version of the widely used Sea Hawk.

Since 1995, when the first helicopters were delivered, more than 40,000 flight hours have been flown and the squadron has been awarded by the manufacturer, Lockheed Martin (Sikorsky), for its zero accident rate, as well as for the rescueof more than 500 people under adverse weather conditions.

The S-70 helicopter is manufactured by Sikorsky (now Lockheed Martin), has two General Electric T-700-GE-401C engines with a maximum power of 1900 hp each, a four-bladed folding rotor, Auxiliary Power Unit (APU), Dipping Sonar, ESM, Radar, FLIR, Automatic Flight Control System (AFCS), Hoist, RAST and all the necessary instruments and devices for IFR flight and for the fulfillment of its missions.


a. Anti-surface

b. Anti-submarine

c. Search and Rescue

d. Fast Roping



       Fuselage length 15.32 m – Overall length (with propellers rotating) 19.75 m – Rotor diameter 16.36 m

       Maximum speed 180 kts.

       2 General Electric T-700-GE-401C engines with a maximum power of 1900 hp each.

       Crew of 4 staff

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