Hellenic Submarines Command

The Hellenic Submarines Command is one of the subordinate Commands of the Fleet Headquarters of the Hellenic Navy.

The Hellenic Submarines Command with its ships and staff constitutes one of the leading edges of HN. The constant presence of its ships in the Hellenic Seas, in the Eastern Mediterranean, as well as anywhere else demanded, is a safeguard guarantee of our national sovereignty, as well as demonstration of the Greek flag.

The Hellenic Submarines Command is located in the Salamis Naval Base. The Commander of the Submarines Command is always an Officer at the rank of Captain.


The mission of the Hellenic Submarines Command is to act within the limits defined by orders and directions of the Fleet Headquarters in order to ensure proper organization, administration, operational training, maintenance and in general the readiness of its ships aiming always to contribute with the best possible way to the Fleet Commanders mission.


The ships of Hellenic Submarines Command participate in national and allied/international operations and exercises and cover the Fleet Headquarters’ operational requirements. Training consists of the Operational and the Technical part. The technical consists of the necessary knowledge and qualifications for the crewmembers to respond to their duties effectively. The operational consists of training the crews to be effective as a whole. The training requirements at sea are covered mostly by National exercises and through the participation in Multinational exercises. Submarines are participating in a number of technical, tactical and combined exercises, in the very challenging and idiomorphic littoral terrain of the Aegean Sea and the Mediterranean Sea. Moreover, the Hellenic Submarines Command always seeks opportunities to explore new concepts, tactics and missions, according to National requirements. The basic objectives of the operational training are the following:

  1. Torpedo firing under technical and tactical scenarios.
  2. Patrols in areas under intensive presence and pressure of antisubmarine assets
  3. Practicing in attacking protected High Value Units or Convoys
  4. Testing new plans and procedures.
  5. Operations with Maritime Patrol Aircrafts and Helicopters.
  6. Intelligence/Monitoring/Surveillance/Reconnaissance Operations.
  7. Special Operations.


Under the command of Hellenic Submarines Command are:

  1. The submarine flotilla which consists of 11 submarines.
  2. The Submarine base it is responsible for the administrative support and care of the submarines and the supply of technical support in specific areas (Submarine  Maintenance  Teams, Battery Accumulators Station,  Weapon Systems, Electronic Devices, Life Saving Equipment, Propulsion,  Main Engines,  Machinery,  Networks etc).
  3. The submarine Training School.

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