The emblem of the 2nd Helicopter Squadron includesahawk, a brave and proud bird with characteristics of impetuosity and excellent vision. The Hawk is depicted facing east in a night environment, symbolizing the ability of the S-70 helicopter to operate at night. The excellent ability to see is symbolized by the reflection at the point of the eye with the shape of a cross. The three stars represent the three types of weapons carried by S70. The four white folds, form nine stripes corresponding to the nine stripes of the Greek flag. The emblem includes the oblique face of a PENGUIN guided missile and is completed with a band indicating the name of the squadron.


The mission of Helo Dunker School is to provide theoretical, technical and practical training and to develop a unified spirit among the personnel to be trained.

After the establishment of HNAC, arose the need to evolve Aviation School, in order to provide training for aircrafts. In this context, the establishment of the Naval Aviation School was established on 7 May 2021 as a continuation of Naval Helicopter School.

Naval Helicopter School was established in 1992 at Airfield Kotroni by Presidential Decree 37/92, which describes the organization and defines the legal framework governing its operation. It provides specialized training to personnel who are about to serve or are already serving in the FHQ or to personnel of other airborne agencies.

Naval Helicopter School initially and then Naval Aviation School since its inception has provided initial and advanced training for Helicopter pilots/operators and Aircraft operators. More than 50 Helicopter (AL-III, AB 212, S70, AS 365N3 (Coast Guard) and P-3B Aircraft initial training schools have been completed, as well as Helicopter, Aircraft and Maintenance Equipment Operator and Maintenance Operator schools for all Navy and Hellenic Coastguard flying assets. In addition, training is also provided to warship and land base heliport personnel.

Since March 2009, the Sinking Helicopter Egress School (HELO DUNKER) has been operating in a specially designed enclosed water tank, which provides specialized training to flight crews and passengers from Greece or abroad. Since the start of operation until today, 900 training courses of 10 persons per day on average have been counted, i.e. 9,000 trainees distributed in initial training sessions and in 2-yearly maintenance sessions. The training provided since October 2011 is in accordance with JAROPS 3.965(a)(3)(iii)(D) Water Survival Training standards. Facilities and infrastructure of other branches of the Army, Air Force, HNHQ and civilian training providers may be used through a framework of cooperation between the parties.

Naval Aviation School organizes periodic training seminars on Flight and Ground Safety, Crew Resource Management, etc.

Naval Aviation School participates since 2020, in the Thessaloniki International Exhibition, in ‘Poseidonia’ and in ‘Kavala EXPO’.


  1. a. Sinking Helicopter Escape School (HELO DUNKER).
  2. b. Schools for operators of Navy helicopters and aircrafts.
  3. c. Schools for the maintenance of Navy helicopters and aircrafts.
  4. d. Navy Aircraft Flight Crew and Aircraft Equipment Operator Schools.
  5. e. Helicopter Carrier Flight Deck Crew Schools (FDO-FDD-DCL).
  6. Seminars of aeronautical knowledge.

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