The emblem of the Aircraft Squadron depicts a circular representation, where the upper part of the emblem shows on the left the sculpture of the P-3HN Aircraft, in the center a trident symbolizing the operational capability of the upgraded P-3HN aircraft and on the right a reduction of the coat of arms of the squadron to which the aircraft belongs. The middle section depicts the area of operations of the squadron aircraft and the lower part contains a box in which is indicated the type of aircraft.


The mission of the Hellenic Navy Aircraft Squadron is to act within the limits of the orders and directions of the FQ and the HNAC, for the organization, command, training, maintenance and repair of material and generally for the readiness and preparation for war of ITS Flying Assets, with the aim of ensuring the capability to undertake missions in during peace and war, which are derived from the mission of the HNHQ and from the current operational planning.

In August 1969, the 353 Navy Cooperation Squadron was established at the Air Base of Elefsina, which was subordinated to the Hellenic Air Force administratively, but under the operational control of Hellenic Navy, incorporating 12 HU16B Albatross aircrafts, in anti-Surface and anti-Submarine role. The aircrafts were received second-hand from Norway. In 1992 the HU16B Albatross aircraft withdrew and in 1996 the Hellenic Navy incorporated 6 Lockheed Martin P3B aircrafts, assigned with same role, under the 353 squadron, whose operational use was suspended in 2009. The Hellenic Navy Aircraft Squadron was established on 23 January 2018 as a continuation of the 353 squadron and operates with P-3 aircrafts.


a. Anti-Surface

b. Anti-submarine

c. Search and Rescue

d. Administration

General Data

a. Wing span 30.40 m, Length 35.35 m, Height 10.36 m

b. Maximum speed: 405 kts

c. 4 x Allison T-56-A-14 (4600 shp)

d. Crew of 11 staff

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