The ship’s crest is the same as the one used by the first HS LIMNOS. It depicts two dolphins and the ancient musical instrument “lyra” of poet Arion. He was a musician and poet of the 7th century BC and origin from island Lesvos. He was returning home by ship from Tarandas (Italy) when the crew of the Korithian’s ship decided to murder and rob him. However, before their plan was carried out, Arion played a song with his lyra and his tune seduced the dolphins that gathered round the ship to hear him playing. When he was thrown overboard by the crew, a dolphin carried him safely to a shore of the island of Limnos.

Technical Characteristics


130.5/14.6/6.2 m


3.630 tons


198 people


30 knots

Vessel Propulsion

Two GT RR OLYMPUS power: 2 Χ 28000 bhp,max speed 31 knots. Two GT RR TYNE power: 2 X 5340 bhp, μέγιστη ταχύτητα 21 knots

Ship Weaponary

2 76mm ΟTΟ Melara Guns, 2 CIWS Phalanx, Surface-to-Surface Missile System Harpoon and Surface-to-Air Missile System NATO SEA SPARROW, ASW torpedoes and chaff launchers. She can carry two (2) ΑΒ-212 or one (1) SH-70B helicopters.


HS LIMNOS (F-451) is the second class STANDARD Frigate of the Hellenic Navy. She was constructed in Holland by ROYAL SCHELDE shipyard. The beginning of her construction was in Jun 13th 1978 and the Ceremonial Ship Launching was in October 27th 1979 to be the 6th class “STANDARD” ship for the Holland Navy. The contract for her construction was signed in Athens in July 1981and her commission took place on September 18th,1982 in Vlissingen, Holland.

The second Frigate of the Hellenic Navy, named “LIMNOS”, in memory of the victorious Battleship of the Hellenic Navy that took place in January 5th, 1913 in the vicinity of island of LIMNOS. The victorious Battleships (ELLI & LIMNOS) of the Hellenic Fleet under the orders of Admiral Pavlos Kountouriotis during the Balkan Wars, secured the Hellenic Dominance on the Aegean.  Ship’s crews of the Hellenic fleet deliberated the Aegean Islands. That’s the reason, Admiral Pavlos Kountouriotis named Liberator of the Aegean.

HS LIMNOS is the third ship bearing the name. The first ship to bear the name was an American battleship MISSISSIPPI purchased by the Hellenic Navy in 1914. She participated in the naval operations of the First World War and in the operations at the Crimea Peninshula in 1919.  She decommissioned in 1932. The second ship to bear the name was a landing ship that was donated in 1943 by the USA Government to reinforce the exiled to Alexandria, Egypt, Hellenic Navy, which at the time was fighting on World War II. She took part in the Allied landing operations in Anzio (January 1944). She was decommissioned in 1977.
HS LIMNOS is the third class STANDARD frigate leaked Mid-Life Modernization by Skaramagka shipyard from October 2006 to January 2009. HS LIMNOS took part on International and NATO Operations with more important ones in Operation DESEST SHIELD during the crises and war of Persian Gulf (1990-1991), in Operation of Naval Blockade SHARP GUARD,1994, in Operation IFITOS for the security of the 2004 Olympics, in Operation OCEAN SHIELD against the piracy on the Indy Ocean- Somalian Coasts(2010), in Operation of Naval Blockade of Libya and the EU Operation “IRINI”.


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