HS PSARA (F 454)


The Crest of the frigate "Psara" is the same of the former homonymous ships. It actually represents a version of the flag under which, the ships of Psara island sailed against the Ottoman Fleet during the 1821 Revolution war. The Flag and consequently the crest depicts the Cross symbol of the Hellenic Nation during the years of struggle, mounted on an Inverted crescent(symbol of the Ottoman Empire). On the right side of the cross is depicted an ancient warrior's Spear and on the left side an anchor with the snake winding around and climbing towards a dove. The color of the Cross and climbing the crescent is red and the background field in white.

Technical Characteristics


117/14.8/6 m


3350 tons


204 people


30 knots

Vessel Propulsion

CODOG 2XGas Turbines General Electric LM 2500 2XDiesels MTU 20V

Ship Weaponary

CIWS Phallanx (2 Guns) GUN FMC 5"/54Mk 45 (1) SSM HARPOON (2X4) SAM NSS GMVLS Mk 48 mod 2(16 cells) Torpedo Tubes SVTT Mk 32(2X3) Chaff Launchers SRBOC Torpedo Countermeasures Nixie


Frigate “Psara” is a MEKO 200 Class frigate, designed by the German company HDV and built by the Hellenic Shipyards. She was commissioned on April 1998 and is the third of the four ships of this class (HS HYDRA- HS SPETSAI- HS SALAMIS).

She is the fifth ship in the history of the Hellenic Navy bearing this name. The first ship was a sailling corvette, 494 tons of displacement, which was commissioned in 1830, on the official formation of the Hellenic fleet after the Independence war. This ship retained the name “Psara” until December 1833, when it was renamed “Prince Maximilian”.

The second ship under this name, was a steam tender ship, 870 tons of displacement built in England in 1878 (former “Gettysburg”) and purchased in 1880. This ship was equiped and as a command ship of torpedo boats was built by the French company Forges et Chantiers de la Mediterranee at the shipyards in Granville, Le Harve between 1887 and 1891. After certain modifications and additions to her armament, she participated in the 1897 war naval operations, bearing the flag of the commander in chief of the Battleship squadron. In 1899 she represented Greece in the celebrations on the anniversary of the foundation of Marseille by the people of Focea and on the coronation of the KIng Edward Z’ of England. The Battleship “Psara” also participated in the 1912-1913 Balkan wars naval operations and, afterwards, she was used as a school for Petty Officers, in the island of Poros. In 1932 she was sold off for disolving.

The fourth ship bearing this name was one of the four “Dardo” class destroyers, having a full displacement of 1936 tons and a speed of 41,5 knots (acceptance trials). She was built by the Odero-Terni-Orlando shipyards in La Spezia, Italy and was commissioned in 1933. She participated in 1940-41 war naval operations, three pf which were raids in the Orlando straits. She operated against Italian submarines and there are some indications of possible sinking or damages caused to a submarine, in the areas clise to Psara and Falkonera Islands, on March 1941. The destroyer “Psara” (D-98) was sank fighting on April 20th 1941,Easterday, attacked by German dive bombers in the Golf of Megara, where she was anchored with the rest of the fleet. Total losses: 37 crew members, Sailors and Petty Officers.


Φ/Γ ΨΑΡΑ (F 454)
Φ/Γ ΨΑΡΑ (F 454)
Φ/Γ ΨΑΡΑ (F 454)
Φ/Γ ΨΑΡΑ (F 454)

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