Central display of the crest is the dynamic figure of gunboat AITTITOS on board at maximum speed. The Greek flag waving proudly in background, symbol of the mission to project its colors throughout the Eastern Aegean and where else asked as well as the defense of its natural space, that of our territorial waters. Scattered in the blue of the sea islands of the Aegean, Greek societies honor the ship and help with the crew’s rest. Finally, its course to the East, always vigilant monitoring and facing the enemy, ready to take action with a complete picture of the area to patrol.

Technical Characteristics


56.5/10/3.6 m.


575 tons.


Officers: 8. Petty Officers: 41. Special Forces: 21.


22 knots.

Vessel propulsion

Two Wartsila Diesel 16V 25 (output 2x5000 HP) Power Generators: Three DEMP/MAN, with effective 3x184 Kwatt RHIB: Two Barracuda 7m, with 2x150 HP

Ship Weaponry

Naval gun OTO MELARA 76/62. Naval gun BOFFORS OTO BREDA 40L70. Two Naval gun RHEIMENTAL 20mm. Stinger missiles 16 mines MK-55.


HS AITTITOS was built by Hellenic Shipyards of Skaramanga and was commissioned on 5th August 2004. After her commission she has participated in many national exercises and operations, especially in the Eastern Aegean Sea, and international exercises and operations such as UNIFIL MAROPS. Specifically, the ship was deployed across the Aegean sea in missions such as Protection of Eastern Aegean Islands, Medical Support for the inhabitants of remote islands, escorting sailing vessels during the AEGEAN REGATA tournaments and many others. Apart from naval operations, the ship has shown presence in various religious and national ceremonies throughout the Aegean islands, often transporting Political and Military Leaders. HS AITTITOS is still writing her own history bringing success in every activity.

The most important dates of ship’s building are:

Ordered: 21-21-1999

Start Processing: 18-07-2001

Launched: 26-02-2003

Sea Trials: June-July 2004

Commissioned: 5-8-2004


Our Fleet