KASOS (Ρ 57)


The ship's coat of arms depicts a cross, a sword, a sail with the Greek flag and sea waves. They symbolize the struggles for faith and country of the crews of the ships that took part in the Greek Revolution of 1821.

Technical Characteristics


56.5/10/3.6 m.


595 tons.


Officers: 7. Petty officers: 41. Capacity to carry 30 Special Forces men.


23 knots.

Vessel propulsion

2 RR Olympus 56.800 HR, 2 RR Tyne 10

Ship Weaponry

One OTO MELARA 76/62 OTO MELARA 76/62 gun. One BOFFORS OTO BREDA 40L70 BOFFORS 40L70. Two RHEIMENTAL 20mm RHEIMENTAL 20mm cannons. K/B STINGER Capable of carrying and laying MK-6, MK-18 and MK-55 mines.


The gunboat KASSOS (formerly known as PYRPOLITIS) is the first of her type, entirely of Greek design and construction. She was launched on 16 September 1992 with the sponsor Voula Patoulides, Olympic gold medalist of Barcelona.

She was activated at the Hellenic Shipyards SA (Skaramanga) on 4 May 1993 when the Greek flag was raised with Commander C. G. G. Karavitis P.N.

It has taken part in several national and inter-allied exercises and was the first ship to arrive in the area of Imia during the Greek-Turkish crisis in January 1996. It participated in the operation “Security Assistance for the 2004 Olympic Games”, in several search and rescue and preventive medicine operations.

On 11 November 2005 it was decided to rename the ship to K/F KASOSOS in order to honour the martyr island with its heroic inhabitants, an island located in the area where the ship operates.

The first Captain of the K/Φ KASOS was Commander K. Kyriakidis P.N.


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