Dimitrios Papanikolis (1790 - 1855) was a great Greek fighter and famous arsonist. He was born in Psara in 1790 and entered the naval profession from a very young age. The crest depicts the blowing up of the Turkish Warship by Dimitrios Papanikolis during the naval battle of Eressos (27 May 1821). Dimitrios Papanikolis attempted for the first time with absolute success the "burning" using "caustic" as the fire ship was initially called, a tactic he later repeated in the Battle of Geronta, causing terror among the Ottoman fleet along with his fellow fire-ship crew.

Technical Characteristics


65.3/7.9/7.5 m


1858 tons


40 people


22 knots

Vessel Propulsion

1 PERMASYN Electric Motor 1 Battery 1 PERMASYN Electric Motor 1 Battery

Ship Weaponary

8 Torpedo Tubes 4 TCM Circe Launchers 16 Torpedoes & Missiles


The PAPANIKOLIS is the first class 214 submarine built at HDW shipyards in Kiel, Germany, and was launched on April 22, 2004. On 3 November 2010, the submarine sailed from the port of Kiel and HDW shipyards to the port of Kristiansand, Norway, where it arrived on November 4, 2010. Subsequently, until November 17, 2010, the submarine carried out a number of trainings with the aim of onboard familiarization of the crew with the equipment in view of the upcoming sailing to Greece, while on November 18, 2010 sailed from the port of Kristiansand and re-sailed to Kiel, Germany a day later. On November 30, 2010, the Submarine sailed from the port of Kiel for the last time and on November 21, 2010 she arrived in Greece, at the Salamis Naval Base.


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