Admiral Nikolaos Tsounis HN

Admiral Nikolaos Tsounis HN was born on 1958. He entered to the Hellenic Naval Academy on 1979 and he graduated on 1983 with the rank of Ensign (OF-1).

He was promoted to:

Lieutenant JG, (OF-1)  in 1986
Lieutenant  (OF-2) in 1990
Lieutenant Commander (OF-3) in 1995
Commander (OF-4) in 2000
Captain (OF-5) in 2008
Commodore (OF-6) in 2012
Rear Admiral (OF-7) in 2014
Vice Admiral (OF-8) in 2015

His Fleet operational tours include assignments as Navigation, Communications, CIC, Operations as well as Weapons Officer onboard Fast Missile Boats and Destroyers.

He served as commanding Officer in:

PB PANAGOPOULOS I (1985 – 1986).
PB ANTONIOY (1991 – 1992).
FPB KENTAVROS (1992 – 1993).
FPB ESPEROS (1993 – 1995).
FPBG TROYPAKIS (1995 – 1998).
FFGH ADRIAS (2004 – 2005).

He has also served as:

Assistant of Section Officer to the Hellenic Navy Fleet Command.
Commander of the 2nd Fast Missile Boats Squadron.
Section Officer to the Hellenic Navy General Staff (HNGS) and Hellenic Fleet Command.
Head of the A’ Branch (Plans & Policy , Intelligence, Operations, Communications) of Hellenic Fleet Command.
Commander of the Fast Missile Boats Command of the Hellenic Fleet.
Head of the Operational Training Directorate of the Hellenic Fleet Command.
Head of Staff of the Hellenic Fleet.
Commander of the Frigates Command of the Hellenic Fleet.
Deputy Commander in Chief of the Hellenic Fleet.
Commanding Officer of the Hellenic National Defence College.

On January 16th 2017, he assumed duties of Chief of the Hellenic Navy General Staff.


Hellenic Naval Academy (1983).
Junior Officer General Course (1987).
Weapons Systems Qualification Course (1988).
Navy Staff Officers College (1995).
Navy Command College (1999).


He had been honored with the following:

Grand Commander of the Order of Honor.
Grand Commander of the Order of Phoenix.
Military Merit Medal “A”, “B” and “C” class.
Honor and Merit Commendation Medal.
Navy Force formation Command Medal “C” class.
Navy Force Meritorious Command Medal “A” class.
Staff Officer Service Commendation Medal “A” class.

Marital Status:

He is married and has 2 children.

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