Visit of Chief of General Staff in France

From Monday, May 30, to Thursday, June 2, 2022, the Chief of General Staff, Rear Admiral Stylianos Petrakis, paid an official visit to France, after the invitation of his counterpart Admiral Pierre Vandier.

On Tuesday 31 May, following the official welcoming of the Chief of General Staff in the premises of the General Staff of the French Navy, a meeting took place between the Chiefs and their staffs, where they referred to the excellent relationship between the two countries and the high level of cooperation between the two Navies, culminating in the participation of Units of the Hellenic Navy in Operation “CLEMENCEAU 21” and “CLEMENCEAU 22”, in the international exercise of the French Armed Forces “POLARIS 21” but also the numerous joint trainings in the Eastern and Central Mediterranean and the Aegean. They focused on the possibilities of further strengthening the long-term ties, enhancing their operational capabilities and interoperability, given the future use of common platforms and systems between the two Navies.

They also discussed issues of mutual interest, with an emphasis on the current security challenges, facing the two countries, regional and international developments following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, as well as the new conditions in the international environment.

Following the Chief of General Staff visited the premises of THALES Group, where he was informed about the development of the production of the Greek FDI systems, as well as the development and evolution of innovative systems and applications.

He then went to the facilities of the company MBDA, where he was briefed about the development of the production of guided missiles that will equip the Greek FDI as well as about programs of the existing missile inventory of the Hellenic Navy.

In addition, the Chief of General Staff visited the Center for Maritime Information, Cooperation and Awareness (MICA Center) and was informed about the staff and capabilities of the Center, whose purpose is to identify and analyze maritime events worldwide as well as to inform and support seafarers and shipping organizations.

On Wednesday, June 1, the Chief of General Staff visited the Naval Group’s facilities in Lorient, where he met the Executive Vice President Alain Guillou and was informed about the design and development of new units for the French and Hellenic Navies. Following he was briefed  about the progress of the work on the Greek FDI while he was also given a tour of the shipyard. There he had the opportunity to see the progress of the construction of the first Greek Frigate.

Finally, the Chief of General Staff visited the Lann Bihoue Air Base where he was informed about the activities of the Unit, while he was toured of an ATLANTIQUE-II Maritime Patrol Aircraft.

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