Completion of Exercise ”ARIADNE 18”

From March 9st to 16th 2018, the Mine Countermeasure exercise “ARIADNE 18” took place in the area of the Ionian Sea. The Hot Wash Up (HWU)was conducted after the exercise, with the presence of the Chief of the Hellenic Fleet, Vice Admiral Ioannis Pavlopoulos HN, onboard the frigate HS LIMNOS, at the Patra’s port, marking the official completion of the exercise.

The exercise was organized by the Hellenic Navy and the participants included units and personnel of NATO and NO NATO states.

The great variety / multitude of units and assets, such as Minehunters, Minesweepers, AUV’s and EOD Teams, provided the participants with multiple opportunities to get trained under realistic conditions and in a multi-threat environment. The training focused on different types of mines implementing various mine counter measures and techniques.

The upgraded and advanced scenario of the exercise, along with the environment and the area in which it took place, the great variety / multitude of units and assets, and the realism in planning and execution have enhanced the reputation and the recognition of the exercise “ARIADNE”, making it particularly attractive. This has been demonstrated, in this case, by the remarkably high participation.

The forces that participated in this exercise involve:

  1.       The Hellenic Navy with the following units:
  • The frigate HS LIMNOS (Flagship of the Officer in Tactical Command (OTC)),
  • the minehunters HS KALLISTO, HS EVROPI,
  • the gunboat HS KASOS,
  • an organic helicopter (Aegean Hawk) on board HS LIMNOS, and
  • a diving team

Also, aircrafts of the Hellenic Air Force participated at the exercise.

  1.       The SNMCMG 2 force with the following ships:
  • British HMS ENTERPRISE (SNMCMG 2 Flag ship)
  • Italian ITS ALGHERO
  • Spanish ESPS SEGURA
  • TurkishTCG AKCAY
  1.       Countries with units/teams/observers as follows:
  • Egypt with two officers as observers,
  • Belgium with two members of an autonomous submarine vehicle,
  • Bulgaria with BGS PRIBOY,
  • United Arab Emirates (UAE) with two officers as observers,
  • Spain with ESPS TAJO,
  • Romania with ROS LT DIM. NICOLESCU and two officers as observers and
  • Turkey with a diving team


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