The coat of arms of the ship is inspired by the ILIAD and the description of the shield of AIAS during the battle. The shield depicts the head of a lion, symbolizing the lion that, according to mythology, HERCULES covered AIAS as an infant at birth, making him invulnerable. Trireme (ancient boat with three rows of oars) was added up to denote the warship, as it was the dominant naval vessel in the Mediterranean from the 7th to the 4th century BC while it played a major role in the battle of Salamis (480 BC).

Technical Characteristics


84 / 19 / 7.3 m


Displacement: 2.500 tn Maximum Displacement: 7.500 tn


36 people


16 knots

Vessel Propulsion

Three main engines ΜΑΚ (3Χ1720 KW)

Ship Weaponary

Two machine guns 0,50" Two machine guns 0,30" SAM STINGER


HS AIAS is the third ship in a row – donated by RADM Panagiotis Laskaridis to the Navy and was initially built as an Offshore Supply Vessel. It was built in 2003 at Appledore Shipyards in the United Kingdom and was originally named TOISA INDIPENDENT. In 2021 it received the name MV AIAS until its entry into the ranks of the Hellenic Navy.

It sailed to Greece in September 2021 for the execution of maintenance works and on November 25, 2021 it was named HS AIAS with characteristic A-473 with Commanding Officer Commander Panagiotis Papadakis HN.

The name ΄΄AIAS΄ was given in memory of the mythical King of Salamis Aias Telamonian and hero of the Trojan War.

HS AIAS is the first ship of the Fleet Headquarters which bears the name “AIAS” and the third in the Navy. In the past this name has been given to two tugs. The first was commissioned and built in 1926 by the French shipyard Chantier Navale & Chaudronnerie du Midi with a side A-406. It sank in April 1941. After its release, it was found and repaired, remaining in operation until March 10, 1968, when it was decommissioned. The second with a side A-412 was built in 1945 and was initially lent in 1976 and finally sold in December 1977 via FMS from the USA.


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