HS ATLAS Ι (Α-471)


The coat of arms of the General Support Ship HS ATLAS I shows the Titan Atlas carrying the Celestial dome on his shoulders and a trireme is depicted on the Celestial dome. Atlas was the son of Titan Iapetus and Oceanid Clymene. During the Battle of the Titans (Titanomachy), Atlas opposed the almighty Zeus. He became the leader of the Titanides, the sons of the Titans, as he proved to be the strongest of all. However, when the battle ended with a victory of Zeus, the leader of the gods punished Atlas for the contempt he showed him, and in order to avenge him, he forced him to carry on his shoulders the Celestial dome.

Technical Characteristics


70.4 / 16 / 8 m


· Net displacement: 3,010 tn · Maximum displacement: 5.297 tn


42 people


17 knots

Vessel Propulsion

Two Caterpillar 3608 DITA-4 machines (3,390 BHP/2,530 kW)

Ship Weaponary

Two 50 mm machine guns. Two 30 mm machine guns


HS ATLAS I was built in 1999 at the YVC Ysselwerf B.V. shipyard in the Netherlands. From 2000 to 2018, under the name M/V STRILL NEPTUM, it was tasked with supporting oil extraction platforms in the North Sea through the transport of supplies, devices and personnel.

     It was received by the Hellenic Navy on 02-12-2019 after a donation by Mr. Panagiotis Laskaridis.

     Year of construction: 1999

     Ship Commissioning in HN: 02-12-2019

     Class: DnV Supply/Rescue/Service Vessel


The ship is under the Frigates Command.


     The mission of the HS ATLAS I (A 471) is the logistical support of the Units of the Fleet Headquarters, mainly Frigates, Missile Boats, Gunboats and Unorthodox Warfare Vessels, with everything that is required – fuel, lubricants, drinking water, spare parts, and other consumable materials – so that they can operate away from the land bases.


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