Ship’s crest is a wooden shield and depicts a dolphin neutralizing a Mk-6 mine in white background. Ship’s name is written in gold letters in its top side.

Technical Characteristics


57.254/10.95/22.5 m.


970 tons


49 people


5.5 knots.

Vessel propulsion

Two main DIESEL engines type ISOTTA FRASCHINI ID 36 55 8V – AM with a horsepower of 800 hp at a maximum number of revolutions of 1800 RPM.

Ship Weaponry

Two (2) BROWNING 0.50 machine guns and three (3) surface-to-air missile (SAM). STINGER


The vessel is one of the 12 OSPREY-class Mineshunters that were built for the US Navy by AVONDALE INDUSTRIES INC in New Orleans, USA. She was launched in June 1993 and she was commissioned on 4 January 1994. She was received by the US Navy by the name MHC PELICAN and M – 53 characteristics.

On January 7 of 2007, the reception of the ship by the Greek crew began at the INGLESIDE Naval Station in Texas, USA. On March 16, 2007, she was received by Commander N. Gounaris HN and she was given the name HS EVNIKI (M – 61).

Since January 16 2008, when the ship was transferred to the Hellenic Naval Base of Salamina island, HS EVNIKI is administratively and operationally under the Mine Warfare Command (MNC).

The name EVNIKI comes from the Greek Mythology. Eunice was the daughter of Nereus and Oceanida and she was one of the fifty Nereids of ancient Greece. The Nereids were deities who lived in the sea and had the power to change the state of the sea from calm to storm and vice versa. In general, the Nereids remind us of the positive things that the sea offers to humanity.


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