The crest of HS LASKOS depicts a guided missile and a seagull holding a torpedo and flying near the sea's surface. The representation indicates the speed and firepower of the particular type of Fast Patrol Missile Boats.

Technical Characteristics


56,2/8,3/2,7 m


430 Tons


43 People


33,5 Knots

Vessel propulsion

Four (4) main DIESEL engines constructed by MTU with maximum horsepower 3600HP per engine.

Ship Weaponry

Two (2) OTO/MELARA 76/62 guns. Two (2) EMERLEC 30mm double-barrelled guns. Four (4) HARPOON surface-to-surface guided missile launchers. Two (2) TORO S 5/3 torpedo launchers containing SST-4 guided


HS LASKOS is the first of the four Fast Patrol Missile Boats (PGFG) ordered by the Greek government from the company CONSTRUCTIONS MECANIQUES DE NORMANDIE (CMN) in Cherbourg, France. She is of the COMBATTANTE III A type. She belongs to the 1st  PGFG Squadron. Received on 07-06-1976 (Year of construction 1976) in Cherbourg, France, and sailed to Greece on 04-30-1977. The Ship received the name “COMMANDER LASKOS” in honor of the late Commander VASILIOS LASKOS RN, who sacrificed himself for his country during the sinking of the submarine ” KATSONIS” on 14-09-1943 in the straits of SKIATHOS – PELIOS


HS LASKOS was the first of four COMBATTANTE IIIΑ PGFGs to undergo Mid-Life Modernization (MLM) in the period 2006-08, during which it took place at the dockyard of Syros facilities. The core of the MLM included the installation of the TMCS TACTICOS tactical system of the company THALES. In addition, the TRITON, POLLUX, and DECCA radars were replaced, respectively, by the VARIANT, LIROD MK2, and BME-SCOUT MK2 radars. Finally, an E/O MIRADOR system was installed on the Ship’s stern mast. Regarding the internal-external communications system, an INTRACOM DEFENSE WHISPRNET system was installed. Concerning the control of the propulsion plant, an IPMS parametric monitoring system of IMTECH company was installed.




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