On the upper part is depicted the flag of Hydra island and a torch, in honor of the fighter Andreas Pipinos. The cross symbolizes the faith in Orthodoxy, while the ancient greek statement "I TAN I EPI TAS" emphasizes the determination of the Greek Revolution. The flag with Themistocles’ helmet combined with the anchor on the left recalls the ancient Greeks’ victorious naval battles that led to Hydra’s fleet similar successes. The coiling snake and the dove symbolize the Hellenic nation’s strength and freedom respectively, all under the divine Providence’s eye for the revolution’s successful outcome.

Technical Characteristics


65.3/7.9/7.5 m


1858 tons


40 people


22 knots

Vessel Propulsion

1 PERMASYN Electric Motor 1 Battery 2 MTU Diesel Engines – 2 Generators

Ship Weaponary

1 PERMASYN Electric Motor 1 Battery 2 MTU Diesel Engines – 2 Generators


HS PIPINOS is the second submarine in Hellenic Navy’s history with this name.

The first submarine named PIPINOS (Y-8) was launched at the ʺVICKERS-ARMSTRONGS LDTʺ shipyards in England on July 19, 1943 and was one of four “V” class submarines (ex HMS VELDT – P71), transferred to the Hellenic Navy on October 13, 1943 renamed RHS PIPINOS (Y-8) and Lieutenant Commander A. Rallis HN appointed as her first Commanding Officer.

In February 1944, she will sail to the Middle East, where she will carry out a total of seven (7) war patrols. On August 9, 1944, during the fifth war patrol north of Samos Island under the command of Lieutenant K. Loudras HN, she will sink the Italian destroyer CALATAFINI. In 1957 she was returned to the British Royal Navy and in 1958 she was decommissioned.

HS PIPINOS (S-121) is the second Τype 214 HN “PAPANIKOLIS” class submarine of the Hellenic Navy, the first submarine built in Greece at Skaramanga shipyards and its construction was completed on April 14, 2014. It was launched on the 2nd of October 2014 and the raising of the Greek flag took place on the 6th of October 2014 at Skaramanga shipyards.


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