The emblem of the Center of Automation of Combat Systems (CACS) depicts a modern Information Control and Communication Management system which is the Center’s main development project.


The CACS was established in 1988. Its premises are located within the Skaramangas Naval Base, in Chaidari, Attiki. CACS is an Independent Naval Service, which falls under the command of the Chief of the Hellenic Navy General Staff.


CACS’s mission is the study, design, development and support of software, with the aim of automating the command, control and communications system of the Hellenic Navy (HN).

Indicative examples of some of CACS’s projects and CACS’s role as derived from its mission, are as follows:

  1. The development and support of the automated tactical and weapon systems of the Hellenic Navy Units, in accordance with the specific directives of the Hellenic Navy General Staff (HNGS).
  2. The development and support of the operational and strategic computer systems (Administration and Control Systems – Communications – Information Collection – Surveillance – Recognition), to support the ongoing naval operations of the HN, in accordance with the specific directives of the HNGS.
  3. The hierarchical presentation of analysis/recommendations regarding the feasibility of acquiring or developing the above systems.
  4. The training of operators of automated systems.
  5. The submission of proposals and recommendations regarding matters of business programs, studies and transfer of digital data.
  6. Providing any form of assistance requested by the HNGS, in the preparation of studies, standardization requirements, IT security, quality and technical specifications, related to the automated combat systems of the HN.
  7. Conducting applied research and related activities, including the development of experimental prototypes, in support of the above-mentioned projects.


The general administrative structure of CACS is as follows:

  1. Commander
  2. Deputy Commander
  3. Software Development and Maintenance Division
  4. Systems Design Division
  5. Directorate of Administrative and Technical Support
  6. Independent Offices:
  7. Commander’s Office
  8. Health and Safety
  9. Training and Education
  10. Secretariat