Plenary Session of the Supreme Naval Council on board Floating Navy Museum HS AVEROF

On Friday, March 11th 2022, the plenary session of the Supreme Naval Council (SNC), in its new composition, was held on board of Floating Naval Museum HS AVEROF.

           The Supreme Naval Council members are:

Vice Admiral Stylianos Petrakis HN (Chief of the Hellenic Navy General Staff)


Vice Admiral Panagiotis Lymperis HN (Commander in Chief of Hellenic Fleet)


Vice Admiral Ioannis Drymousis HN (Deputy Chief of HNDGS)


Vice Admiral Harilaos Papadimitriou HN (Commander of the Hellenic Navy Logistics)


Rear Admiral Georgios Kampourakis HN (Deputy Chief of the Hellenic Navy General Staff)


Rear Admiral Dimitrios-Eleftherios Kataras HN (Commander of the Naval Training Command)


Rear Admiral Fragiskos Leloudas HN (Branch Director of HNDGS)


Rear Admiral Ioannis Pattas HN (Commander of Hellenic Naval Academy)


Rear Admiral Konstantinos Kolokouris ΗΝ (Hellenic Navy Inspector General)


Rear Admiral Polichronis Koulouris HN (Deputy Commander in Chief of Hellenic Fleet)


Rear Admiral Loukas Tsarmaklis HN (Director of Chief HNDGS Office)


Rear Admiral Xristos Sasiakos ΗΝ (Director of Hellenic Navy Armaments Directorate)


Rear Admiral Athanasios Sampos ΗΝ (Deputy Commander of the National Defense College)


Rear Admiral Antonios Papageorgiou ΗΝ (Commander of Medical Affairs Department)


Rear Admiral Dimitrios Ryziotis HN (Director of Financial Services and Auditing Division / Hellenic Navy Finance Inspection)

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