The coat-of-arms (symbol) of the FPB ‘Lieutenant TROYPAKIS’’ depicts a seagull above the waves, symbolizing the speed of the ship and its agility. It signifies the deep connection with the sea and the seamanship of its crew and Officers. The two weapons depicted (the missile and the torpedo held by the seagull) symbolize the combined firepower of the ship, as it can fire both HARPOON guided missile and SST-4 torpedoes.

Technical Characteristics


56.2/8.3/2.7 m


430 knots


Maximum number of personnel: 44 people


33,5 knots

Vessel Propulsion

Four (4) main DIESEL engines constructed by MTU. Engine type 20V 538 TB 91. Each main engine gives propulsion power to a main shaft through a reducer-inverter arrangement. The ship has four (4) propulsion shafts.

Ship Weaponary

Two (2) OTO/MELARA 76/62 guns. Two (2) EMERLEC 30mm double-barrelled guns. Four (4) HARPOON surface-to-surface guided missile launchers. Two (2) TORO S 5/3 torpedo launchers containing SST-4 guided torpedoes.


  1. The ship was named Lieutenant TROYPAKIS in honor of Lieutenant Stefanos Troypakis, who was killed on 14 September 1943, when his Submarine HS KATSONIS was sunk in the vicinity of Skiathos island, as a result of hostile attack.
  2. Fast Parrol Boat HS TROYPAKIS is the 3rd La Combattante III type ship order by the Hellenic Navy. She was built in CONSTRUCTION MECANIQUES DE NORMANDIE (CMN) shipyard in Cherbourg of France. The hip was launched on 25 January 1977 and the Greek flag was raised on 08 November 1977.
  3. From late 2007 until 2010 the ship was modernized in Elefsina Shipyard. The modernization included the installment of new and improved systems of C2. In particular, she was refitted with new tactical system, new fire control and surveillance radars, EO system, and upgraded communication systems. From December 2020 until March 2021 the ship was refitted with HARPOON Suface Missiles, in replacement of the old EXOCET MM38. Since then, the ship is actively and successfully involved in all tasks assigned.


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