Rear Admiral Georgios Angouras ΗΝ

Commander of the Naval Training Command

Rear Admiral Georgios Angouras HN, was born in Athens in 1968. He joined the Hellenic Naval Academy in 1985 and graduated as an Ensign in 1989.

His operational career path includes assignments in Submarines and Gunboats, but mainly service on board Frigates, as Anti-Submarine Warfare Officer, Combat Information Centre Officer, Operations Officer, and Executive Officer, while he was posted as Commanding Officer of PGB HS KARTERIA, PGB HS NAVMACHOS and FFGH HS ELLI.

He has served as Director of Studies of the Anti-Submarine Warfare School, as well as Operations staff officer of the Fleet Headquarters and the Surveillance Ships Command. Moreover, he was posted as Section Head of Administrative Organization of the Navy General Staff, and Career Path Education and Training of the Naval Training Command. He has assumed Operational Intelligence and Maritime Operations Centre Director duties of the Fleet Headquarters. His service in National Defense General Staff includes duties of Section Head of Joint National Exercises Planning, Head Duty Officer of  Joint National Operations Centre, as well as Director of Exercises Operational Training and Simulation. Stationed abroad, he served as Operations staff officer of the Hellenic National Military Representative delegation in SHAPE / Mons Belgium.

He has also served as Commander of the Surveillance Ships Command, and as Chief of Staff of the Frigates Command as well as the Fleet Headquarters. 

On the 3rd of March 2024 he was promoted to Rear Admiral and assumed the Command of the Naval Training Command.

He is a graduate of Hellenic Navy career schools, such as the Naval Command and Staff College, as well as the Supreme Joint War College.

He has been awarded with all the medals, decorations and commendations stipulated for an Officer of his rank and seniority, as well as a Commendation of participation in Peacekeeping Operations. 

He is married and father of two children.