Rear Admiral Theodoros Mikropoulos HN


Υποναύαρχος Θεόδωρος Μικρόπουλος ΠΝ

Rear Admiral Theodoros Mikropoulos H.N. was born in Athens, in May 1965. He joined the Hellenic Naval Academy in 1984 as a Naval Cadet and graduated in 1988, as Ensign of the Hellenic Navy.

His operational service includes deployment at sea on board several surface units, mainly Fast Patrol Boats, and he has commanded the following ships: Patrol Boat HS PANAGOPOULOS I (P-61), Oil Tanker HS OURANOS (A-416), Fast Patrol Boat with Guided Missiles HS BLESSAS (P-21), Frigate HS NAVARINON (F-461).

He has served as Staff Officer and/or Director in several positions in Hellenic Fleet Command, Hellenic Navy General Staff and Hellenic National Defense General Staff. His NATO tour, includes services in ACT/JALLC/Lisbon, ISAF/Kabul and STRIKFORNATO.

He has commanded the following Commands: Fast Patrol Boats 1st Squadron Command, Fast Patrol Boats Command, Commanding Officer of Souda Naval Base (Crete), Force Commander of Operation EUNAVFOR MED IRINI.

He is a graduate of the Naval Staff Officer School, the Supreme Joint War College and the Hellenic National Defense College.

On January 2023, he was promoted to Rear Admiral.

He holds all the designated medals and commendations for his rank as also Commendation Medal for Participation in ISAF Mission and Commendation Medal for Participation in ENFM IRINI.

He is married. He has a daughter.

He speaks English fluently.