Hellenic Maritime Communication Headquarters


A Frigate, a Submarine and two Aircrafts are depicted on the crest symbolizing the communicational coverage Hellenic Maritime Communication Headquarters provides to the Eastern Mediterranean region.

The Hellenic Maritime Communication Headquarters, is a Naval establishment of the Hellenic Navy that appertains to the Chief of the Hellenic Navy. It is staffed by permanent military, civil and enlisted personnel.


The construction of the establishment begun in 1955 and was completed in 1972. It was originally designed to be the Headquarters and Coordination Center of the Hellenic Navy General Staff. Facilities for servicing NATO needs where added to the project later on.

From 1983 to 1997, the broadening of the tunnel, the reconstruction of its parts and the modernization of the telecommunication systems and the electrical engineering equipment carried out.

Various projects of enhancement and modernization have been taking place since 1997 up today.

The construction fulfills all the standards of confronting a nuclear or biochemical war as required at that time because of the Cold War and is divided in three parts: The Structural part, The Electrical Engineering Part and The Telecommunications part.


The mission of Hellenic Maritime Communication Headquarters is to ensure the efficient operation of the communications systems and to support the Command and Control systems in order to contribute to the efficiency of the Command and the Operational Control of the Units and the Services of the Hellenic Navy.

It provides the necessary infrastructure and means so the Fleet Headquarters (FH) meets its oligations.

The Hellenic Maritime Communication Headquarters secures the interoperability of the communications by handling the means and devices of the regional centers, as well as secures the preparedness of providing NATO the projected communicational comforts to support the ongoing Naval Missions in the Mediterranean region.


The main headquarters cover an area about 200 acres and it consists of both above-ground and underground facilities. The above-ground  facilities are the Command Office, the Directorates, the accommodation place of the staff, the kitchen, ancillary and storage areas, as well as the helicopter landing station.

The underground facilities consist of a complex of tunnels which include the areas where the telecommunication systems that cover both the needs of the Hellenic Navy and NATO, are fully operational. Further more, the underground facilities also include the electric, engineering systems and the AC systems, as well as areas of Operational concern (Dining room, Staff area etc)

Other structures/facilities

Due to decentralization purposes of the communications equipment and technical reasons, Hellenic Maritime Communication Headquarters has also developed branches under its Command, which alongside the Headquarters consist the complete communications system of the Hellenic Navy.

These branches consist of a network of Broadcasting Centers and a network of Reception and Radio Link Centers that are developed throughout the Country.

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